Nutrioso Log Work’s was founded fifteen years ago by Carl Awtrey and his two daughters Kim and Christy, known locally as the "Awtrey Girls." We are located in the beautiful white mountains of northern Arizona. We are dedicated log home building professionals with the consension that quality and craftsmanship takes first place in our building process. We have built our reputation on this quality and craftsmanship along with commitment, customer services and a lot of good old fashion hard work. We view log home construction as a "art form," requiring excellence in workmanship and in depth knowledge of the subject " Handcrafted Log Homes."

Being an independent log home producer gives us the opportunity to establish a personal working relationship with eash customer resulting in a more enjoyable experience throughout the building process. We look forward to serving you with your log home needs.


If you are ready to embrace the reality of log home ownership contact Nutrioso Log Works so they can assist you in building your dream home. For information concerning drafting or engineering services contact NUTRIOSO DRAFTING AND DESIGNS at 928-339-1978 or email to: contact@nutriosologworks.com".